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  1. THE Army was a little late. I served with female USAF officers in 1972.

    I think that females were moved to normal status from WAF in about 1967 although there may have been a technical office until 1976.

    Those who served in the womens’ auxiliary services were given full active credit in 1980

    • actually, I joined the reserves in 1978. I was in-processed by a WAC NCO. I asked. She was our senior admin. Said that the hospital personnel had been transferred out out a while back but she wasn’t going to be losing her status as WAC util later in the year.

      No one in the AMEDD ever pays any attention to what happens in the other branches/corps.

      The question you have to ask yourself – were those USAF officers medical types of one kind or another

      • Almost all were medical Toward the end of 73 we began to see female aviation types who were taking basic accession physical before placement in flight training classes

        A colleague talked one out of being the first fighter pilot.

        • which probably explains why all the important military gender discrimination suits came out of the AF (1972,75)

  2. So sorry to hear you are in hospital .

    Well you are in my prayers for a full recovery.
    God bless

  3. Soooooooo glad to hear that you have sprung loose, and are back with your family. I must say, both your telling of history, and melding it with what is going on here and now is brilliant. Most important, I hope you are feeling better. I am sure there are multiple random socks floating around that laundry room that need your immediate organizational skills, not to mention the various skeins of yarn that are in need of some real attention.

    Stay the course. I am thinking of you.

  4. Prayers said daily for your speedy recovery. Girl you gotta get back to enjoying and writing your great travel blogs! Glad you are sprung from the hospital.

  5. The very best hospital procedure is ALWAYS being released (upright and breathing on one’s own) to family and friends. Hope and pray all goes well from now on. I’m told aging is mandatory but growing old is optional. Never give up or in!

  6. I will have to work on my photoshop skills. I wonder what that leather jacket and pants would look like in Hot Pink? lol

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