Pink Pod

Actually, according to Bernat – this will be a cocoon. I think it is going to turn a small person into a pod critter. I finished up the yellow this morning and cranked through the leaves, then started on pink. Being the usual evil mom, I have decided that the Eldest can do her own sewing together (he he he – the part I hate the most)

body of the pink pod

body of the pink pod

Now, the only problem is that I don’t have a clue as to where I can find a yarn needle. Somewhere out in that disaster of a studio I suppose. The prospect is daunting enough that I just may go buy some more…..


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One Response to Pink Pod

  1. Ruth says:

    As usual I’m wondering….did I miss something? A small pod person, having something to do with your Eldest….???? Do you have a new name in your future? Something like Bubbi or, say….grandma?

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