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  1. Heck, yeah. It is the drivers that bug me more than anything!

    Perhaps, at a certain point in decrepitude (or pain) you become unaware of the traffic you are holding up, I guess. (That is if you are walking – not the case with drivers – they are on their cell phones.) If the alternative is being in the back forever, one could figure out a way to offer assistance. (Again, not the case for drivers, owing to the difficulty of offering assistance inter-vehicularly except with hand signals or the horn. Oh, that’s that manners issue again…)

    • Three down and four to go?

      I shudder just thinking of turning any of these people lose with cell phones. If you have a mobility problem, normally you are using the railings. These …..

      ah, never mind

  2. My best tool for coping with these road, stair, hallway hogs, is to remember that there are lotsa good people with spatial undevelopment. (:-))

  3. You are such a pip! Sounding more like Andy Rooney with your own flavor of “Y’know what really bothers me?” 🙂

  4. Maybe it’s how we learned to drive on the Autobahn — stay right except to pass. One of my pet peeves is now a major irritant: In the left lane driving at the posted speed limit, passing a truck or slower vehicle, and some fool doing 10-20 mph faster in and out of traffic has to pass on the right. People seem to have just lost being courteous.

  5. Impose Navy rules, starboard goes foward, port goes aft…deviations from this will result in said offender being keel hauled and will not be accepted.

    • and after we have keel hauled the idiots on the ship, can I please! move on to those who can’t walk, talk/txt without interfering with any reasonable traffic flow?

      I really don’t want to just shove them under the bus – it would be bad for the driver….

      • Betcha they’d move if you used Navy Language…, as in “MAKE A HOLE” rather than the one most folks think of…’gang way’ which is rarely, if ever used….
        Seriously, these must be the same folks who cross the street with their cell phones plugged into their eyes and ears…or do that do that onboard too?

        • They do it on board as well – at least till they figure out that satellite connections are not cheap

          Not sure if Brits would understand the “Make a hole NOW!”

          • Funny..I looked it up
            Make a hole: Command to a group of people to separate to allow a senior ranking
            person to pass through. Especially common on submarines.

            The first part obviously applies to you Col Sir!!!

          • Snicker
            But obviously these people think they are more important otherwise would they be taking more than their half, much less out of the middle

  6. My best tool for coping with these road, stair, hallway hogs, is to remember that there are lotsa good people with spatial undevelopment. (:-))

  7. I tend to hug the right wall with the cane on the left side and holding out for that extra bit of balance with the right touching the wall when there are a lot of people streaming by, ie the visual overload sends my brain into a tailspin re the balance and I need the extra tactility to straighten me out; we would do fine together! Pick a hall, any hall!

  8. YES I agree with you about people taking over the majority of the stairs, especially when they go slow, I do get a bit cross eyed

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