Physical Exercise

A good friend wished me a good time at the gym.

I had to stop and think about it. I am not sure what is good – other than finishing – about 50 minutes on a treadmill pitched at a 7% grade. Done, perhaps or relieved that I survived? Proud of myself for an efficient burning off of calories? Satisfied at hearing another chunk of an audio book?

Not probably a good time. Another 6+ km and more than 300 calories burned off, but not a good time

I didn’t grow up in an era where nice girls either exercised or sweated.  Heck, when I was in high school there were still mandatory gym suits of the snap up the front variety through the tenth grade, dress codes and ancient teachers.

Reading was appropriate as was Home Ec for girls and Shop for boys.

But voluntarily exercising? Not in that era. On the other hand, it is really too bad that natural fitness is not appreciated by the young. I certainly never planned on running this slowly, not being able to hoist as much, nor creaking in the mornings.

Although the trade off just might be worth it.

I get to wear pants to school…. I mean work.

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