Phones on the train

You have to wonder at people. There they are,sitting on the train, totally public and carrying on conversations that would be best kept private.

Last week when I was on the train between Birmingham and Reading, Coach A was designated as the quiet car, with all cell phone usage prohibited. The car was packed, needless to say, so I know that I am not the only one who prefers not to know what business the man next to me is conducting. Or would rather waive the opportunity to hear the opinions of the woman six rows back. Whinging loudly at her boyfriend for clubbing this upcoming weekend, she followed with calls to three of her girlfriends to report on the previous conversation.

Inanities that I would have preferred not to hear. Frankly, I can see the boyfriends point. Who would want to spend time with this chick?

That is not to say that there are not times when a phone call is not needed or useful. I have no problems with the quick calls that let family or friends know arrival times. But to take the train car and turn it into an office? Please, get a driver or a private compartment.

Oh, these are British trains without private compartments? How about that computer plug next to your seat? Why don’t you just plug in and be quiet?

I like the idea of a bubble helmet over a person’s head, containing both them and their words. Colour me old fashion, but manners might just be important, and we all pay for our seats.

And now there is talk of allowing the usage of cell phones on airplanes, the last travel refuge.

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  1. Jinx says:

    *LOL* I dislike this so much that I decided to live without a mobile phone. It’s just great like this. I am always confused when I see people using a small headset. One does never know whether they are just talking via mobile phone or are somewhat mental…

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