Phoenix progress

Addicting, that is what it is. Going round and round and round, seeing the flames starting to rise. Of course, with 300+ stitches in a around, 3.25mm needles and the border including both purl and knit stitches the going has been slow. I am not counting rounds an hour or I would be depressed.  I went ahead and changed locations in the ES (greys) since I wasn’t all that happy with the contrast between what was going to be even paler grey and the yellow/gold. Since it is at the border, it is noticeable, but I kind of like it.

Past the border

Past the border


Continuing to plow through CSI – now moving on to Season 6. Will have to see what the library has – I would like to avoid buying the next couple of seasons.


Promises in Death by J D Robb has just been released. iTunes has it. So do I on download. Once I noticed it, well, CSI has gone on hold.

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