We have moved too many times over the years. Other than moving back home from deployments, George has wound up doing most of the sorting, packing and supervising. I suppose handling this one on my own is payback of a sort.

Perhaps I should just view this move as returning home from a long deployment? But then, this is a huge house to clean out, not a trailer half. Not three duffles and a couple of back-packs of gear but a couple of containers on the moving truck plus a station wagon full of stuff. Neveer mind that a lot of it is craft things of mine that were never used and that I return to Germany with more stash that what I left inspite of all the knitting of the past 2 1/2 years.

It has been a long day. I have washed all the curtains in the house (eight rooms with two windows, 8x2x2=32, 7 windows here and there = 14) which makes for a total of 46 curtain panels. There are two windows that I simply can’t reach on the stairs and another couple in the back hall that I am going to ignore, lets say about 10 more panels, give or take.

Did I mention that all of them have to be ironed as well?

That leaves only the cupboards in the kitchen to empty. Something about locking up everything that I am passing along so that it doesn’t walk while there are various workmen in the house.

The car is almost completely loaded. Just have a few things (computers) on the floor in the bedroom and a couple of small boxes in the living room. I even have all the posters down and rolled up.

I even packed up my knitting.

For a break today, I visited the various water fowl –

Maybe two hours in the morning and I am contemplating getting to the office!

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  1. I got tired just reading about all those curtains. Have a safe move, Holly.

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