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  1. Your Panama pictures certainly bring back memories. I was there for a few days in 1992 waiting for a flight, en route back to Belize from San Antonio (yes, I know it is hardly the most direct route). Eventually I hitched a ride with the Commander in Chief, US Southern Command – I don’t think I have ever travelled in such luxury! It was a real contrast with the flight from Belize to Texas (with a patient, flying in between storms and tornados). I recall being very well looked after by the US military duirng my stay in Panama, and being taken to see the ships passing through the Canal. Panama has particular resonance for the Scots as it was the scene of the disastrous Darien Project in the 1690s which almost bankrupted Scotland and was a major factor leading to the Treaty of Union with England in 1707.

    Best wishes for a good onward journey,

  2. Very interested to read your recent emails. A dear friend of mine had been ambassador to Panama, unfortunately, he died in Sept. because he would have loved to have heard of your impressions…

  3. Enjoyed your description of the Panama Canal — very interesting! You do get around, and it’s fantastic the way you allow us to do vicarious travel.

    Here’s as close as I’ve gotten to a cruise ship — this was at Sydney Harbor last month. I couldn’t believe how huge the ship was!

    Have fun out there –

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