Panic preparations

Sometimes I don’t mind daylight savings time. It was lovely, having that extra hour of daylight this evening. I didn’t even realize that it had gotten late till my computer told me that it was 8 pm. After all, I had rolled in before sundown, had lit candles and had eaten while it was still light out.

It was about then that I decided to do an on-line check in for tomorrow’s flight.

Oh. Now it makes sense that I wanted to arrive in Germany in plenty of time to pitch in on Seder preparations. But what exactly made me think that I wanted to catch a train at 0618 in the morning? Insanity or a brief attack of the stupids? Perhaps I was confused with weekdays where the 0648 (and another 30 minutes of sleep) would be a possibility.

I thought about it – 0718 train takes 47 minutes to get to Feltham followed by a bus for 20 minutes. Boarding is at 0920 (or you could lose your seat). Not much time for security, much less waiting for, or missing connections.

Nah, I will be crabby, cold and on the 0618.

Which means that this is not going to be a long or interesting post with blogging, knitting or other erudite discussions. Just the above, I am afraid, along with the lovely list of what came in the mail. Mail is such a thrill when you only collect it every 10-14 days.


Professional Reading:

    Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response (The Sphere Project)
    Refugee Health – An approach to emergency situations. Medecins San Frontieres.

Fiber Related Mysteries

    Sins and Needles – Monica Ferris
    Died in the Wool – Mary Kruger
    Murder Most Crafty – Maggie Bruce, ed.


Following links from Ravelry may not always be a good idea. My lace weight yarn (remember those socks last weekend?) arrived.
Misti Alpaca lace
along with some nice merino Artyarn.
Merino Art Yarn
and some Sandes Smart for a couple of projects.


I thought I was decreasing both the yarn and the fiber stash when I managed to spin and send off some BFL to Isobel. As a thank you, revenge or request – this showed up in my mailbox.
Merino roving

It is lovely, soft merino. Now, where in the queue does it go?

Sock Madness

The next round of Sock Madness is released next Monday. Calling for a light solid or semi-solid yarn, I pulled out some sunshine, this time I am planning ahead.
Golden Ticket
Golden Ticket is left from a Sweet Sheep Project Spectrum shipment. Must have been waiting just for this.


or, rather another hallway. One I could have sworn was level at the time.
Sinfonia Hall

Shabbat Shalom (and hope that your chametz was easy to find and clean out this year….)


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2 Responses to Panic preparations

  1. ruth says:

    Good luck cooking for your gigantic seder! Happy and healthy Pesach!

  2. amanda j says:

    Your yarns and fibre look gorgeous! I am slightly envious! Just about to catch up on all the posts I have missed. Looks like you have been as busy as ever!

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