It is a lovely day. Sun reflecting off buildings and water.  There are buses, carriages and a fleet of really aggressive taxi drivers just waiting to pounce beyond the gate.

English? No problem. German, no problem (note , said in English).  I ignored them all to go on my way with no particular destination or perhaps an Archelogical Museum in mind.


Not so some friends who wound up jammed in the back of a small taxi with a mad man for a driver.  They did see the main cathedral while riding white knuckled through the city.  They also found their drivers English was pretty much limited to trying to get more money than agreed and the ubiquitous “no problem”


glad that I had been on foot, I enjoyed lunch back on the ship before settling in to read on the balcony.  Unlike a few of our previous ports, we are docked at the city, facing in the direction we will be leaving   So I can sit on my aft balcony, look directly over the city and scurrying passengers.  Book and cup of tea in hand.

No postcards or magnets today. Just not willing to brave the shopkeepers


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