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  1. So glad you are packed, hate that job! How are you feeling? I have to say reading about what you accomplish on a daily basis – I am in awe! I get exhausted just reading what all you get done in a day!!

  2. Glad to learn that she is going to Thompson. Hopefully they take good care of her. Did my first TA on her in 2016 it was my second cruise ever. Then sailed on her again in November 2016 Quebec city to Florida via Bermuda. Looking forward to sailing on her sisters Rhapsody in April and Vision in August.
    Have a chocolate coated strawberry and a tea biscuit on her for Me.

    • I would bring them back for you, but thinking they might get a bit stale by the time they made it to Ottowa (and yes, thought it was 2105). Those of us who come late to cruising really go after it with a bang…

  3. Say farewell to Legend for us. Aussies (well those living in Brisbane) had hoped to keep her as she was based there this year.

    I recall you saying that Legend was the ship which sailed the world ‘testing’ itineraries, so to speak.

    Do they have another ship doing that? I did wonder if Vision was as from the deployment thread, she seems to have some unpredictability.

    Enjoy the trip. We loved our Rhapsody repo from Singapore.

  4. There speaks the voice of experience. For me, because I travel so seldom, each trip is like that.

  5. It is great that you are being so productive, not to mention packed. I hope the replacement suitcase will be as good as the Rimowa and last as long. That one has been pretty much Everywhere.

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