Overkill — 7 Comments

  1. So it seems the Army has a problem with geography? When did Afghanistan become a shire of GB??
    April should come quickly for you,

  2. Numerous time I had to tell/remind my family before being deployed what to do if I was captured. Folks on my A-teams all agreed that we don’t want folks getting killed trying to rescue us.

    There are a few folks who think the same way. You’re best change to E&E is the initial snatch. If you have the presents of mind.

  3. There’s (obviously) money being made cranking up all those training programs. There’s no possibility of not overdoing something anymore, and there’s no way to stop it once it is started. Or, we would not be taking our shoes off at the airports, would we.

    Rescuers rescue people because it is in our DNA. Can’t stop them, it is instinct.

    Are you leaving today?

  4. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think kind of this way also. Being prepared,
    that is. I’ve been doing tons of canning. Part of why is to have
    cheaper, safer, high quality food. Part of it is being prepared. Part
    of it is preserving a skillset & mentality that will certain be needed
    if society does a crash and burn.

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