Organic Mowers

Not wishing to wait for the promised sometime next week we will come and mow, I borrowed an organic horse powered lawn mower from another person who lives on post.

Truly horse powered.

The lawnmower

If you can’t see him clearly, perhaps this will help?


Otter was supposed to come with a buddy. Said buddy had an injured hoof and won’t be along for a couple of days. Never the less, this one horse made a valiant effort to eat down as much grass as he could chew. That thing on his head is a mesh fly protector. He can see out, and it is insect repellent impregnated. Not a bad idea.

I expect to see him back over the next several days. The post engineer says that they will come with a mower and really take care of the grass. That I will believe when it happens.


The Forget-me-not is complete.
I like the pattern and I even managed to add some beads to the edge. I don’t have tiny crochet hooks. But with the miracle of floss threaders – I was all set!
Forget me not PatternForget me not PatternWorking on the points.

Now I just have to get it blocked (and one section repaired. Nothing like finding out you have dropped a stitch back a few rows after the binding off is completed).


Ok, this is how much yarn I had left after completing Tubey. Now I really need to do something with it. But at least it does not count as a UFO.


Moving on – I started Geek Fu Master by Mur Lafferty but didn’t get through more than a few episodes. Being one of the old geeks (it takes more than having done some web page design and RPG authoring to qualify as a geek in my book), I found her humourus in her observations of life. A bit too Gen-X for my taste, but I think she would appeal better to the 30s crowd than this late 50s geek for 40+ years…..

In case you are wondering why I seem to be breaking the cardinal rule of “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all” it is because I know that what does not appeal to me may well resonate with one of your. And if you don’t haunt weird places like the Balticon Podcasts, you just might miss these.


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2 Responses to Organic Mowers

  1. Lorette says:

    I like your lawn mower! Maybe you need a few sheep, too. What’s the stitch pattern for the shawl?

  2. Carmen says:

    Leftover yarn counts as stash, right? What weight is that stash? Mitts? Children’s hats? Otter seems to be working on the tree and bushes more than the grass. Are you going to get back into riding?

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