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  1. You can put your feet up and read and knit and relax! Think of this time as a vacation, not retirement yet. So go play.

  2. Hope you are sleeping and relaxing. Pls don’t rush to do all the chores of cleaning, etc. Potatoes and their growths can sit harmelssly for a little longer without harm.

    As for world events, thankfully you won’t be facing another battle zone as the latest got underway yesterday.

  3. …and no sand in the shower, no waiting in line for chow with a tray in hand and not having to worry about keeping your rifle from falling and LBE gear from tipping the chair over when you get up for refills

  4. There was no maid service while you were away? I’m so shocked….NOT! As for tomorrow, I think perhaps you could knit or become re-acquainted with your spinning wheel?

  5. I trust you have socks on the needles – or maybe the lace you did not take to Afghanistan? Now you can catch up on some more books – and (the most important) you can spend time with George!

  6. It always was a bit of culture shock to “redepoly” back to the world. The incoviences that you have learned to take for granted in the field now will seem like huge luxuries.

  7. The Tuesday question. Yes.

    It is what I have been wondering.

    Yay, you are out, you are home, and good luck with the fridge. I know you can do it, and I know it will feel great.

    And Tuesday you can start on your craft room.

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