Went into London on the train, had a meeting in the morning.

I took my time wandering home, stopping at I-Knit. It is a nice little shop and they had Kollage square needles. The price wound up being the same (with the currency change) as if I had paid to have them shipped. One pair of circs (3.5mm) came home with me and I am going to give them a try. They don’t make 2.5s or 3.0s – the sizes which I use the most.

Drops Cardigan

and sleeves

and sleeves

It was time to knit the sleeves on my cardigan. I discovered that the width recommended by the pattern was not quite wide enough, so I increased it by 10 stitches so that the arms would be comfortable. If you look closely at the picture, you will see the body in the middle, the sleeve on one side on hold ready to be bound into the arm hole. The second sleeve is a few inches short and….. I was out of yarn. Not the mohair, I still have a bit of that, but the wool. There is more at the house in Germany sitting on the window ledge to be mailed to me.

Oops, I should have packed a bit more into the suitcase. There was room, I just didn’t think I was going to need it.


Finished up Season 1 of The Closer. Ok, but not fabulous. I don’t have Season 2, so I tried watching a bit of Season 3. Nope, not going in a direction that I appreciate. Perhaps the obnoxiousness of characters and lousy acting isn’t so apparent when you see something only once a week vs. seeing multiple episodes in a row?

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