Oooo something new

The desire to start a new project is just about overwhelming. Pagode, Pyramid and Faery Ring are all done. I have a whole stack of wonderful patterns and books to go with my closet full of yarn.

Two sock kits arrived in the mail this past week (purchase months ago, so they don’t count as new acquisitions). Fäfner has taken a hike and hopefully will turn up soon.

I am holding out strongly and might just dip into the UFO pile since it would be so nice to finish something else. Really, I should be able to ignore the siren singing of yarn, needles, patterns.

I can wait, really, I can.


Meanwhile, Army/Navy (aka House of Fraser) is closing out their yarn department and has everything at 50% off. Since I just went to Ally-Pally, I really don’t need any more yarn.

Do I?

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One Response to Oooo something new

  1. The cat says:

    What would you do with it? I can come and tangle the skeins and you can play at untangling them? 🙂

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