On to Amport

Remember that I had noted that “Fri – crack of dawn from the Hostel to the Stuttgart Airport, to Heathrow to Sandhurst. After a few hours, we went on to Amport House (out in the middle of the fields past Andover).”

Well, this is the longer version.

Yesterday, after clearing and rushing home, I managed to catch a train to Stuttgart. When I had looked for cheap fares to the UK, it turned out that traveling from Stuttgart, including the train fare was cheaper than flying from Frankfurt (which, of course also has an associated train fare).

But at that early in the morning it was a hike directly to the train station, passing by what passes below for this week’s arch. I managed the S-Bahn to the airport and then the flight without too much difficulty.

I was lucky enough to be picked up at the Airport, then caught a ride with a colleague to Amport House, which is located near Andover.


This was essentially the annual get together (retreat) for the Jewish Services Members of her Majesties Forces. There were a couple members of the Dutch Military (the current Jewish Rabbi and his predecessor) and a member of the French Marines. And me.

The house and gardens are stunning:


And the interior is twisty halls, stained glass windows and antiques.



Seen very early in the morning (would you believe ~0500) the metal doorway to nowhere that is in the park across from the Stuttgart Main Train Station has a bit of stone sculpture set it front.

Shabbat Shalom


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