On the wall

You have to understand that it sometimes takes us a while to get anything accomplished. Like the jungle on the property cut back, the house cleaned, or objects mounted on the walls. Years as a matter of fact in the case of hanging pictures back on the walls. We relocated from München in summer of 2001; still with work to do on the house when we moved in.

Everything that had been up on the wall prior to the move wound up stacked against the wall in the living room, placed in the wall cupboard below the stereo, or tucked up on a shelf.

And there it all sat till last weekend. I am not good with hammer and nails. Plus we have German wall construction with finishing over block. It can make hanging things extremely challenging. The teens had sorted out everything over their vacation. I enlisted the oldest’s finacé on the principle that if he can store and work on a VW bug in our garage, he might know how to hang things.
And it has happened. After being here 5 1/2 years, we now have art work back up on the walls, the mirrow hanging over sideboard in the dining room and family pictures up in the kitchen. It looks pretty impressive.

Computers and Comms

Last night was nuts, the DSL was out, and I posted from elsewhere. In the process, some updates to shared blogs did not make it through and others were duplicated. It came back on this morning, then went out again an hour ago. Checking on the set up, there was a wire that seemed to be kinked. Restarting everything plus unkinking the wire has worked for the present. Who knows how long it will hold.


The Tanz in den Mai is almost complete, with just the toe to the second sock to complete. (I obviously managed a few cm more after taking the picture, but it is too dark outside for another photograph.

Making it just a little bit farther on the second shadow sock – I should be to the heel and the heel turned tomorrow. I am actually liking how the pattern is appearing in this method. I am thinking now about the foot construction and whether it is going to wind up being stripes, or if I have enough energy to work back and forth on the sole of the foot with the equilivant of short rows to complete it in the solid color.
Which means that I can wind the STR skein tomoorw for the April pattern. It has been interesting seeing all the pictures of these socks in progress across knitting blogs. They appear to be various shades of purple, pinks and greys. When I look at my skein, it mostly seems to be greens and pale browns. Ah well, I am having fun with this. I also need to work up some swatches for my Sockapalooza pal’s socks, as I am not going to knit any pattern at 11-12 stitches per inch.

Audio Books

Ten Big Ones is finished, as is Loyalty in Death. I just picked up Diane Mott Davidson’s Dying for Chocolate at the library on Friday for the CD player, while I am back with One, Two, Buckle My Shoe by Agatha Christie on the cassette player. Said player which is now making weird grinding noises. I am hoping that it is not dying; I really don’t want to have an go buy another one. There are few cheap ones in Germany, only expensive. And I want something mid-range. Perhaps I will go hunting when in Vancouver later this month.

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