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  1. Looks beautiful those cable socks. And, you can always ask if you need any help for tranlation from Norwegian to English, I’ll do my best to help you.

  2. Fencing socks! I’ll have to make a pair of those! We have miles and miles of fencing….trying to keep the sheep in their right place(but not always successful-LOL)

  3. I have the grandsons for a few days while their parents move [closer to me!] 2 yr old Buster woke up while I’m reading blogs – sitting on my lap as I scrolled down the page of your 26 July post. Socks!” he exclaimed 🙂 Not sure a 2yr old who hasn’t been around a sock knitter would recognize an in progress sock? And he was really tickled by the hedgehog! [from 25th]

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