Taking the small roads home from RAF Croughten, we drove along the A321 through this lovely little town on the Thames ( Being the left-sided driver on the British side of the road – I turned the camera over to my son when we found a stopping point ).

Henley on Thames
Street in Henley on Thames

I think it must have been Henley-on-Thames.

In any case, there was this lovely house, just facing the river …..

stone and timber house

with its combination of field stone (ever gone rock picking? seems like fields always have stones and haven’t yet seen a mechanical method that really does a good job of getting rid of all those rotter chewing rocks).


Couple of wonderful verses to add to the Charge of the Sock Brigade. I’m going to give it a couple of days – then see how many gifts of sock yarn I can make. It is not like my house has a lack of yarn…..

Meanwhile – all but the final cm on that second sock toe!

only the last cm on the second sock to go

Other Updates

The dragonboats head is taking shape

Progress as of 26 March 08 on the Viking Sweater

Those skull armlettes for one of my daughters? The ones that have been languishing in the basket? Since I haven’t printed out the bead pattern and needed a take-a-long project, I started the second one. Not really great progress, but I think this puts them back in the WIP category.

start of the second armlette

Of course, this may turn out to be the all time dumb idea. As I sit here thinking, it occurs to me that
1) the stripes will be reversed.
2) what happens when I get to the beaded portion? If I cut the yarn and restart from the same end as the first, then the stripes won’t even match on the same arm.
3) If I don’t do that – then I have to pull beads for meters and meters and meters of yarn…..

Glad I didn’t get any farther on these!


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