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  1. Forgetting where you parked your car at a shopping center is nothing to worry about.

    Forgetting that you even have a car is far more serious.

    Or so I was told.

    The same applies to phones.

  2. couldn’t find my sun glasses yesterday – although they were actually where they should have been (that is, in the front pocket of my rucksack). It happens!

    • Well, I managed to find the pair that was on my face, and an extra pair to take along on this trip. Now where are my new glasses…..

  3. Holly I can relate! I get the, what is your husband s social all the time. And it is even worse for me since I m single! And then when I say I m the military member, I normally get, YOU RE in the military!!! As if this is the early 19 and a woman in the military is something so rare you want to call over all you friends to look and stare. I could understand this reaction from my civilian doctor offices, but from the VA?! Forget the Women s Clinic s and all that, just teach their employees that all women that walk into the VA are not spouses! That might have been the better start.

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