Oh, right

it is the 4th of July. Not that I remembered it was any day of importance till this morning as I was about to go out the door for medication refills.


Independence Day and all of that. Pharmacy closed, clinic closed. For that matter, the passport office was going to be closed as well.

Sounds like a great reason to knit or read. But not clean. Nope, not going there.

Certainly not a day on which I am going to spend a lot of time contemplating the US. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country but I am thoroughly sick of politics and it is only July. I think deep down, most of us already know how we are going to vote come November. Some of us might like to discuss things or argue about things. Occasionally there are those of us truly impassioned about the issues. But no matter what anyone says – we all vote our own personal agendas. We vote for who supports what we currently want. Not what might be best for the country (hello? can you see anyone with a seven digit $US voting to pay a fair share of their taxes?) in terms of economy or environment.

If it wasn’t sad, I would be rolling on the floor laughing at one of my former Army colleagues. A staunch conservative, she is now caught in the dilemma that it was the Obama regime that has allowed her to be open about her marriage, to get her wife an ID card and to have their kids be “legal.” Yes, she likes the right economic politics and her perceived support for the military better, but not at the cost of potentially losing her hard won and very well earned status. Now, once she retires in a couple of years it may be a whole different ball game.

Perhaps the old adage is true – we get what we deserve, not what we want.

So this is the reminder for all you US citizens out there: if you are not registered to vote go do it immediately. If you are not going to be around on voting day sign up for your absentee ballot. S/he who doesn’t vote doesn’t get to bitch about the results.


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