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what one does on the last day of a “cruise” is get organized. Unless of course if you are staying on for the next voyage. If you are staying with the ship you might not have to do anything. Unless, of course you are changing cabins….in which case you have to pack up enough of your stuff so that your poor cabin attendant can relocate you without problems.

If you want to do it yourself, not a problem but then it is a matter of hanging out till those who are in the next cabin on your list have departed the ship. No one likes being invaded and there is this slight issue of not leaving personal belongings open to the perusal of other passengers. What can I say? I am not particularly paranoid but that doesn’t mean that I want to put temptation in the way of someone who is departing the ship.

Not very trusting am I?

Anyway, packing is what one does on the last day of the cruise. Along with eating – always an option. Only ships with major problems leaving them dead in the water have ever been rumored to run short on rood. In the case of the passengers on this particular vessel, a shortage of beer might be seen as more concerning than a lack of food. But since there was no lack of food – those of us staying on the ship were treated to a rather nice luncheon to accompany the info-dump about turnover day in Hamburg. Since there were 14 passengers who boarded in Oslo also staying for the transatlantic, they included them as well.

So that leaves me after lunch with packing, which actually I could do in the morning if I want to be up early. Pilot joins the ship at midnight for the sail up the Elbe. With docking at 0700 that should be plenty of time…..

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