Oh, drat. Its raining in Naples

Within the thoughts and plans I had for Naples today not even once did I consider the factor of rain. I failed to read the bulletin last night which quietly mentioned a “chance of rain” along with 11*C. Perhaps it was optimism? Or maybe the absence of rain until yesterday? In any case, even with damp blowing in from the balcony and the pool deck empty I never seriously considered the implications for today.

Somehow I don’t think riding along in the top of the HOHO is going to be all that comfortable. Interesting, yes in terms of seeing my endurance for being a duck. But not for enjoying the coast or taking pictures of the country side. Those going up to Pompeii should have an “interesting” experience.

Did I mention my failure to pack an umbrella? Not that we don’t have a good dozen strewn across two continents. But to pack one? First trip in about 10 that I have failed to pack this particular essential and obviously the one time it counts.

George should be landing in Frankfurt about this time. His love message from me will consist of the umbrella question with an offer to visit the terminal shop here in Naples which just happens to feature a wide variety from the purely functional to the cheerful and ridiculous.

(Reply – no, he doesn’t have one either. But I don’t know what I was thinking. He will be in Rome by this afternoon and without umbrella. I don’t get there till tomorrow. Oh well, one can’t have too much protection can one?)

Being brave, I attempting the HOHO. Made it the first 30 minutes on the Blue line before the cold and the spitting bit of rain drove me downstairs on the bus in time to claim the last seat. Those that waited longer both got soaked and had to stand.

Since it was an hour to the next bus on the Red Line (around the city) I elected to find the coffee shop, decent speed WiFi and dry out…. Will give me the whole afternoon in the cabin to resort, pack again and contemplate the morning..

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