Nothing Changes

Every week – The Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine puts together a nice summary of the important preventive medicine issues of the week. Plus what ever other interesting articles they find. This weeks HIO-Update

Partway down the first batch of stories – I found this:

IG cites reasons medically unfit are deployed

31 March – Conflicting policies, inaccurate records, and uninformed commanders and medical providers all could play a role in the Army’s deployment of soldiers medically unfit to serve, according to an Army inspector general’s report. It was obtained Monday by Army Times through a Freedom of Information Act request. The report is a response to “numerous Congressional inquiries, media releases and complaints from soldiers and veteran organizations regarding the growing perception that the Army is deploying soldiers to Iraq and Afghanistan who are medically unfit,” the executive summary states. Army Times

Now, why does this not surprise me? My song since 2003.


Last few rows to go

Last few rows to go

and finished the body

back of the sweater

back of the sweater

and a close-up of the Phoenix Head

the heads

the heads

Now, on to the steeks…

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2 Responses to Nothing Changes

  1. nana says:

    I cheer for you and still cant wait to see it finished. It will be an even greaterpieceof wearable art than the viking one. It looks more complicated at least.

  2. holy cow… I can’t believe you are already done…. and I haven’t even begun my sweater yet…

    but I’m about to start it … probably this weekend!!! 🙂

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