Not seeing

Still can’t figure out how I missed it this morning. On the list Croughton was a pounds sterling check for the Mole’s coming years school tuition. Paying it early saves over 5%. Not going to make that on the money if I leave it in the bank and pay in installments. I wasn’t sure there was enough in the savings account, so I needed to bring my check book.

Looking in all the usual places, I didn’t locate it this morning. Not in the living room book case, not in the desk drawer in the office/junk room. Not in the basket of knitting stuff next to the couch in the living where I was sure that I tossed it a few months ago. Writing checks is not all that common a thing for me. For UK expenditures, I use my debit card or occasionally cash. For US, it is credit card over the Internet. For train vending machines in Germany or other countries, I give my DH the thrill of it showing up on his Swiss Bank Credit Card. All in all, rather cosmopolitan of me to spread it around.

I went to Croughton, ran all the errands, stopping at the bank last of all. Asking the nice guy at the counter to check and make sure that I had enough in my savings. Then he made out the check, I paid the fee in cash. Finally, he sat there looking at his screen.

what is the matter?
You don’t have enough in your account to cover the check.
(aside here, well – duh, with the dropping dollar I sort of thought this was going to be a problem. That was why I asked him before we started.)
Ok, then I will have to come back tomorrow and we will do it again….

Getting home at 1500, I spent the next three hours on a check book hunt. This checkbook has the last remaining checks for our stateside account. The one that gets my pay every month by direct deposit. It has more than enough money in it to pay the tuition bill. I repeat, three hours of hunting.

I checked out the all the bookcases in the house, cleaned and organized the drawers and clothes cupboard in my bedroom. Cleaned the office/trash room and sorted all the paper. Searched all the yarn baskets I could find. Checked every single pocket, suitcase and bag in the house.

Totally disgusted, I decided to rescue the loose knitting needles from the basket next to the couch. On the bottom, upside down, was the check book. Right where I failed to see it this morning.

Pain in the ****, another round trip in the morning early and I need to be in London at 1300.

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2 Responses to Not seeing

  1. Kathryn says:

    I thought it was only this house where that sort of thing happens – and, believe me, it happens with great regularity!

  2. Melinda says:

    Unfortunately, that all sounds disturbingly familiar. Good you found it in the end anyway. Love the pictures in your next post. Makes me wish I could travel more.

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