Not just Valentine’s Day

It was just before 2300 last night when we boarded the plane. With the announcement that the crew was less than 15 minutes from having to cancel for crew rest the passengers managed to quickly and efficiently get on the plane with the minimum of pushing, shoving and idiocy.

As it turns out, the flight had come in from …… wait for it …… Newark. It was the plane for which we were originally scheduled with the 50 minute turnaround between flights. Now, if we had stayed on that schedule I am sure that there would have been a plane switch.

Meanwhile, the flight was wonderful. Seated too far away from crying children to be bothered I managed to get sleep. Landing late, but there – Buenos Aires provided sunshine and warm weather. This translates to I didn’t need my sweaters, wool pants, leather jacket or parka…

We arrived at the hotel without difficulty, checked in and changed. Chere is the one who found the hotel. It is downtown and one of those little gems with molding, antiques, charm and updated bathrooms. Walking around the city was a pleasure. Perhaps the best way to describe it was made in a comment that George made: This is what Europe might have looked like without WWII.

There is a strong European influence here, both in the faces on the street and in the architecture. You actually notice more Italian influence, but the Spanish and German building details are also clearly present. If you are into shopping, jewelry made with local gorgeous rose colored stone and leather jackets should be on your list.

We met up with Brad and Chere late afternoon and will wander together tomorrow.

I will add pictures to the blog probably tomorrow before leaving the hotel (with its free wifi)/

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