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  1. 3 day Lufthansa pilot strike. Nothing moving until Saturday. Now raining at SFO, so incoming flights are backed up– hour delay out of Chicago.

  2. OMG, what a trip!! I’m exhausted just reading about it. I think you were very clever to think of the train, though, so you could sleep and travel at the same time. Hope the rest of this journey goes smoothly!

  3. Holly Holly Holly ….. I DONT KNOW HOW YOU DO IT!!!!!!! I am out of breath after reading your last two emails!!!! What happened to Lufthansa and returning to Germany? Sounds like you are off and running …. but Phoenix? What cruise leaves from there????? I must have missed some info somewhere along the line,but I do enjoy your rants;) Good luck on your next adventure …. where do you go April 4th?

  4. A fellow Amtrak traveler. You can tell who’s been to Europe.
    Hope your KARMA takes a turn for the better soon.

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