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No, I was not looking for thanks for me with what I wrote yesterday – I get lots of thanks both in person and warm emails. Rather, it was the idea of thinking of family history, of what those who went before us have done. While I really appreciate the notes and comments – it has left me more than a bit embarrased.

All of which leads me to the fun stuff that is not allowed……

Would you like –

free room in a glamours container palace? Or a cell in a flimsy plywood model? Board in your choice of one star DFACs complete with plastic silverware and trays made of recycled paper?? All of this is just waiting for you in on military bases everywhere in Afghanistan!

It did not surprise me to learn that there were various restrictions in theater when I arrived. Most of them make a lot of sense, especially when related to the use of the Internet. Obviously, gaming, porn, gambling and playing the stock market (or did I already say gambling?) are not things one should do on gov time, much less with government equipment.

Another limitation is realy starting to bother me – “personal use blogs” are not reachable. That means if I normally read your blog – and you are on Blogspot – I can’t get there from here. Nor can I get to, LiveJournal or Facebook (well, this one is not an issue – I don’t do Facebook). Feeds still come through on Google reader, but writing comments is not an option.

If you are self-hosted I probably should be able to get there from here – but heck –  the German and Australian IPs are giving the system an occasional burp.  And Twitter is obviously a road wayyy too far. If I want to indulge, it means a trip to the MWR and 30-90 minutes in line for a computer. I can get to Ravelry – go figure. It means that the computer people have not figured out that it is a social networking site.


Civilian clothes are not allowed for military. There is even clothing bag undergarments if you are cheap. Regular uniforms I have mentioned – PTs and ACUs (unless you have been issued the new fraqs – all the colours of baby excrements in one mottled package) being the only thing allowed. Hair down is not ok, iPods while exercising are not allowed unless in the gym. I could go on and on, but there is really no point. A sense of humor is mandatory – and so are gloves early in the morning.

Breakfast is allowed – and my favorite Aviation DFAC opens at 0630 ………

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6 Responses to not allowed

  1. Mary Hunt says:

    Can you see flickr sites? BTW, I’m fiberfanatic1 on Ravelry. I read your post and thought, a bit like some moralists, “if you enjoy it, we won’t allow it.” grin I’m sorry that I’ve not posted to your blog often, I usually read on my phone, which doesn’t allow me to respond to your posts. I need to take the time to let you know that I do read your blog regularly.

  2. Bonnie says:

    I hear something from Ben almost daily via Facebook…wonder how??

  3. Holly says:

    Some people pay 70-100$ a month to the Internet bandits to connect from their rooms. I don’t, the connection is often way too slow for either downloading large files or SKYPE except in the middle of the night – so I don’t bother. Plus, I am not going to let those folks put software on my computer.

  4. Carmen says:

    Well, dang, and I was hoping I could post pictures on Widowswalk so you’d have some scenery that wasn’t moon dust and mountains. I will have to attach pictures then, probably from home, because I don’t keep them here at work.

    I’ll try to get on this weekend to send a couple.

  5. Holly says:

    Actually – I can see your through googlereader. I love the photos. I just can’t get to your blog to leave comments – waahhhh

  6. Berg says:

    Yup, deployment is always hardest on the families; right there with you.

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