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Not 500 hats but….. — 9 Comments

  1. That is one muddy dog! I have been dealing with trying to keep the bird baths full for assorted birds, lizards, cats, koalas and possums – 42.7’ today – as well as trying to keep the plants alive. Not sure how successful the latter has been despite assiduous watering.

  2. hahahahaha … the dog … I know why I will never ever have a golden or other mug loving dogs !!

    The Hats look great!

  3. Not sure what brought you to the conclusion that you have too many hats going. Was it the realization that you need a circular needle and don’t want to go out and buy a 5th one?

    • Ah, no. not out of needles which is scary in and of itself. Now I just need to find the dps…

  4. The upside to a bunch of hats in progress is that hats finish ip quickly…when worked on.

    Keep dodging raindrops,

  5. The cross stitch is BEAUTIFUL! I will just stand back slightly from Gwen. Although mud is usually excellent for the microbiome. We finally know what mud masks are supposed to be good for beauty, lol.

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