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  1. So, we can do a Norway cruise in a few years when Ira is available!! Now he wants to go to Iceland for the week between xmas and new year. Did you read Michener? I bet if you look at the folks on the deck chairs you’ll see more than a few copies being read. Too bad you’re missing Sitka. The train ride in Skagway is excellent if your back still needs to be pampered. What else are you doing off ship? We dashed to the Alaska museum in Juneau and it was well worth the time (of course, on the AMH you might only have a few hours in a town!). We toured Sitka at about 2am. It was amazing.

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for your back to heal VERY fast and give you and George a chance to waltz on the ship.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your back. Any idea what you did? The cruise to Alaska is fantastic, and I would willingly do it again just for the views. Jim and I went in 2003 and promised ourselves we would go back… We also trained across to Denali and went up the mountains…Definitely a trip to avoid with pain, as the frost heaves the tracks and the trip is quite bumpy. Enjoy the views and get better quick.

  4. OMG Holly, I’m so sorry about your back. Been there, done that, survived. But it’s miserable while it lasts.

    Ah, dancing. My Hungarian husband wasn’t very talented, but he surely made an effort. Lot’s of waltzing. I had to dance Csardas with friends and relatives, though. Remember fondly all the old men lining up to dance with me at the big ball in Vienna, and at the yearly Hungarian Debutante’s Ball in DC. They danced me half to death; all the old exiled politicos and aristocrats from pre-communist times. So dancing and living history in one evening.

    Hope you get to feeling better. Is there a chiropractor on the ship? Actually, with the worst back mishap I had, massage made it much worse. But a therapist who got behind me, had me cross my arms over my chest and drop my head forward, then lifted me by my elbows and jiggled me a bit to decompress whatever it was worked the best. Good luck.

    Hope you get back to the dancing soon. At least you should be cool. It’s 110F plus here every day! Sweaty. No real rain since last year. Can’t wait to get to Vermont.

  5. I am, sadly, all too familiar with the ‘snap” you referenced. Not happy to hear you got it ever, let alone on the cusp of boarding the cruise (of which I am terribly jealous)…glad to day finds you doing a bit better. Hope you can find a Dr to write you a scrip for some muscle relaxants…unless you prefer to drink yours. 🙂

  6. Great pics; sorry you ain’t dancin’. Hope you feel better soon. I REALLY appreciate the first-hand accessible cabin review.

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