Is not just a city. It is one of a family of Noroviruses that commonly make their appearance in the winter months. Norwalk and others of its ilk have earned their deservedly bad reputations from institutional and cruise ship outbreaks as well as causing generalized misery to anyone unfortunate to contract them.

I don’t think that I mentioned that our son came home from school on Friday not feeling well and spent a good portion of Friday night up with the usual GI symptons. At age 16, you don’t call on your mom unless you are really feeling badly. He is of the “please let me die in peace” mode of illness. It looked like he had recovered enough by yesterday to take off for a week working at a Biotech firm down at the Bodensee.

Late yesterday, it was the 18 year old that started with the vomiting. Feeling just horrible, she needed love, support and wanted anything to stop her stomach from rebelling. Sick for most of the night, her fever is gone and she is finally on the way to recovery late this afternoon.

My DH got sick last night as well, badly enough that he had to delay his early scheduled departure for London this morning. Flying is not a good idea if you can’t get more than 10 meters from the toilet.

The youngest and I are fine. She informed me that she has been super careful since early this week when it started going around school?

The whole school? Or just the Internat (boarding portion)?

About 20/32 had been ill by the time we left for home on Friday.


Did I mention that my three are on Fall Vacation this week. Great time to be ill, wouldn’t you say. But I am more concerned that the school let this blow through the student body. It can easily be food borne and quite challenging to clear. Add my 16 & 18 year olds to the numbers and that is a fairly high attack rate.

The end result is that I did some telecommuting today, not about to leave sick people home on their own. I can do tea and sympathy, waiting for the disease to run its course.

Otherwise, I have almost 50 cm knit on the Valley Jacket and a couple more boxes in from AudioBookstand sales shelf.


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  1. Kathy says:

    Oh no! Hope that everyone is feeling better soon.

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