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  1. Sounds like a lovely,normal day. When do your treatments end? Are you booked for a winter cruise someplace warm?

    • How many is in flux, depending on tumor sensitivity. And yes, running away from home for a week of sunshine in Jan sounds wonderful

  2. I’m glad at least you are home. Prayers are continuing for you honey, praying you have complete remission again soon. Wishing to a day early Happy Hanukkah!!

  3. Normal is a setting on the clothes dryer. I miss Saul’s. I am admiring your sewing frenzy. I started a new knitting project last night, ripped it out and decided I have to finish the two already in progress.

  4. Normal is a setting on the dryer…lol. Life is never “normal”. Just think how boring that would be. Of course, sometimes that’s good, and sometimes, not…but that’s what keeps it interesting.

  5. Even I have heard of Saul’s Deli—someday Richard and I have to go try it out. Loved your description of your day and I’m glad you’ve got family around.

  6. Our best to you, Holly. I appreciate the updates on your treatments and will visualize you back in cruising condition.
    I do think “normal” is overrated until it is snatched away, then it is underrated. I find that age creates
    a mechanism by which I filter out lots of crap and find a comfortable normal. Maybe it’s because 84 years have taught me that I can’t really do much about much.

  7. As far as “normal” goes. When Matthew was around 8 he was wondering what it would be like growing up in a normal household. I asked him what he thought. Answer: boring.

    Also, “normal” is a cycle on the washing machine.

    Just a few “pearls” today.

  8. I have been marveling at your spirit and stamina. Keep it up!

    Happy Hannukah to you and the family.

  9. Sounds like you are recovering from the effects of treatment and hospitalization. At least rested enough to care about world affairs, if not energized enough to bound forth and fix the world’s problems.

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