No, wait! not tomorrow

I don’t depart the ship tomorrow, it is the day after. Having a port stop on the last day of the cruise is more than a little bit disconcerting for me. We are in Naples again tomorrow and I am planning on getting off, taking the HopOnHopOff for a leisurely if not smooth ride down the coast. This means I have to pack today after 19 days in the same cabin. Getting everything out is easy. Attempting the jigsaw puzzle that clothing, shoes and birthday presents is something else. I pack fairly light but still have a number of things that never saw light unless a drawer opened. Clothing not worn, yarn still in wrappers with the ball band in place

I finished a couple of hats and a cowl but nowhere near what I had planned. Might have something to do with reading a couple dozen books rather than listening to audiobooks. Might be due to the lack of a craft group. In any case, I gave both yarn and needles untouched which will still need a ride home.

One of the other cruisers and I have decided to split a cab to the train station in the morning. No, wait. On Saturday morning. Just because I am packed does NOT mean we disembark in the morning. But you can tell I am confused.

It has been about three times today that I have made the same error.

But as long as I am not standing at the elevator tomorrow morning luggage in hand I should be fine.

Not tomorrow, Saturday. Right?

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