No Tour

As I read blogs (nothing like being completely without Internet access for four days), I keep noticing all the participants in Tour De Fleece. I played last year. This year?

Well, it falls right up there with the Olympics. One has to have a TV to really play along. And I don’t. It isn’t just that it would be a pain to haul the old beater out of the basement in Heidelberg, shove it in the car and drag it along to the UK, but it then mean that I would have to pay the TV tax here, and then pay cable on top of that. I don’t really think that it is worth the = of $500+ for the year to have TV.

I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times in the last five years that I have watched the tube.

DvDs I can watch on my computer. But it seems stupid to sit and spin and pretend I am watching Tour de France. I am keeping up with the standings over the internet and I absolutely adore the route video clip.

So it is back to knitting and the freedom to spend an evening on the computer….

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