No surprise

of course but this note is coming to you from the Frankfurt Airport, Senator Lounge in Terminal Z. With a flight after 1200 I had more than my usual amount of time this morning. Being already packed I could do useful things like take out garbage and lock up the house prior to taking the train to the airport.

Never mind about the train – I took the 0750 train connection in Mannheim which arrived before the 0737 (running more than 30 minutes late). Since it didn’t matter to me whether the end destination was Dusseldorf or Hamburg I grabbed a seat in the first available car.

Checking in turned into a small challenge. Since my first flight is Lufthansa, I had to check in through Lufthansa. My connector is United. Lufthansa couldn’t check me through and United kept sending me back to Lufthansa for check in. Given that I have five hours between flights I am not too worried. Even if it takes hours to get through security I should still be able to get some help from the United Service counter before attempting to drop off my suitcase.

1600 – update. Lovely flight with a great purser who entertained me with stories of his grandparents house near Bonn. And his mother used to knit for him; he would really, really appreciate socks (more than a hat or scarf). I am thinking about it. The main draw back? He has size 47 feet…..

Cleared immigration, picked up my bag. Went to the service counter where absolutely no one was waiting and received a new luggage tag. This one has the actual flight number on it, rather than the code share. I am hoping it means that my bag will arrive on the same flight as me.

Now hanging out in the over crowded and under served United Club. At least they have coffee and wifi….

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