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No snow here — 4 Comments

  1. Beautiful description, all of it; thank you.

    My favorite line about snow from our New Hampshire days: our oldest, at about three, saying she wanted to play on the swingset and me looking out the second-story window with her and pronouncing, Try to find it first.

  2. We stay away from that dynamic scene too, Brad says it’s
    mental self-care. No snow here either but we had wind
    advisories, especially for the fishermen, up to 40mph.

    Some smaller birds were blown past the feeders and
    had to fight their way to target- determination was on

  3. Yeah, count your blessings on that last one.

    It is bad enough he is on all media except classical WETA 24-7. Here, there’s a good chance I am breathing the same air he has breathed.

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