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I’m sitting here thinking about heading to bed. I have heard nothing out of the VA today which actually doesn’t bother me a bit. Bad news travels rather rapidly. Stable conditions and good new take a bit longer especially when one is dealing with results from a radiology department study. So I am assuming that everything is ok unless I hear otherwise.

No, I don’t consider this being an ostrich. Or chicken.

So instead, I had a chance to talk to the EBMUD (East Bay Municiple District) men working in front of our drive. They have been dealing with emergencies secondary to all the rain. Since the next four days are supposed to be clear, they are trying to proceed as fast as they can. What is important is that they should be finished in front of our garage by the end of today. After that, it won’t be making my life hard since I will be able to get in and out of the drive way again.

Tower in the full moon

A friend with a scheduling conflict gave us his tickets to the Cal Men’s Basketball Game tonight.  We parked and walked across campus.

They won. But still, I think I prefer the women’s game. There was just too much hype, replay camera work and glitzy type of competitions. Plus, I am sorry, but “media breaks” which stop play because the TV folks need to stick in a commercial or three really disrupt momentum. Plus there were twice as many cheerleaders. Seriously, how much hair flipping do I really need to see?

Haven’t done a whole lot more on the cross stitch.

12 Jan 17


But did manage to get the band finished on the beret and most of the crown.

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2 Responses to No news

  1. Tara says:

    You are an amazing woman! I have no clue how you do all of the wonderful things you do!

  2. Alison says:

    They interrupt the game for the commercials? Seriously? Wow.

    Your cross stitch is beautiful!

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