No more complaining

The Mole and I met a lovely young woman and her mother in the Boston airport while waiting for our flight to Philadelphia with further change on to Frankfurt.

They were on their way home and turned out to be seated directly across the isle from us in that wonderful bulkhead location which provides lots of legroom and a critical lack of access to overhead compartments.

Conversation ranged from finding outlets for computers in airport waiting areas to the most tolerable airlines. None of us are real fans of the US airlines. They had been overseas on Aer Lingus with a great experience. My preference is Lufthansa. After boarding, the plane pulled back from the gate (with me hoping once again that the gate checked skate board was going to show up on the far end).

After surviving the hold on the runway (while I am mentally figuring out if we are going to miss our flight to Frankfurt) and discussing ways of crocheting left handing if you have a right handed teacher, we made it into Philadelphia on time.

I blasted head to the connecting gate which seemed to be located at the far end of the universe. Noah caught up with me after rescuing his board and having to move at shin splint speed in time to walk almost directly on the plane. I really didn’t get a chance to say good bye, but left the young woman information on Ravelry. Since the skate board came off, I am going to assume that, once again, her wheelchair managed to make the flight and was waiting for her on the Philadelphia end so that she can keep on trucking, smile, laptop and full of energy out to her ride and a well earned weekend at home.

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