No Alarm

It is quiet here, except for the purring cat. The occasional train rumbles by with the tracks within a couple of miles. I can hear the whistle in the distance as the freight trains roll across the various crossings.

And the cat purrs on. Only one of the two, Onyx is being both chatting and actually physically demonstrative. I am not sure what he thought when attempting to chew on a small bit of my hair and it all came out in his mouth. I wish I had a photo of his totally astonished look. He is wandering back and forth behind me looking for something I am sure to play with. An item that I would appreciate him appropriating. Yarn? Embroidery floss? Perhaps a nice rattling rolling object? No, not my pill bottle thank you very much!

George did the transportation services while I had the pleasure of a day of mostly rest. A bit of sewing, a bit of knitting, a decision not to cross-stitch on black without enough light. With a bit of over the phone help, I have completely conquered threading my new serger (well, ok Nov new) so will tackle the entire pile of p.j.s and head scarves tomorrow besides packing for Singapore.

It is later than I planned, but listening (I think I skimmed the book when it came out) to Bujold’s Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance which I am enjoying quite a bit although I think she overplays Ivan’s lack of ambition and excessive ignorance at times..

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About Holly

fiber person - knitter, spinner, weaver who spent 33 years being a military officer to fund the above. And home. And family. Sewing and quilting projects are also in the stash. After living again in Heidelberg after retiring (finally) from the U.S. Army May 2011, we moved to the US ~ Dec 2015. Something about being over 65 and access to health care. It also might have had to do with finding a buyer for our house. Allegedly this will provide me a home base in the same country as our four adult children, all of whom I adore, so that I can drive them totally insane. Considerations of time to knit down the stash…(right, and if you believe that…) and spin and .... There is now actually enough time to do a bit of consulting, editing. Even more amazing - we have only one household again. As long as everyone understands that I still, 40 years into our marriage, don't do kitchens or bathrooms. For that matter, not being a golden retriever, I don't do slippers or newspapers either. I don’t miss either the military or full-time clinical practice. Limiting my public health/travel med/consulting and lecturing to “when I feel like it” has let me happily spend my pension cruising, stash enhancing (oops), arguing with the DH about where we are going to travel next and book buying. Life is good!
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7 Responses to No Alarm

  1. Christiane says:

    It is still some time until your trip, but nevertheless, a good flight to Singapore !

  2. Chere says:

    I nearly spewed coffee on reading about Onyx’ astonished look- score one for you. I didn’t know cats were capable.

  3. Donna says:

    Cats are quite intuitive. my cat would never leave my side when I was ill

  4. Scooter says:

    Are you going on Legend of the Seas?

  5. Dominik says:

    Have the book here, unread yet. Forgot, that they are out in audio, also. There is another one out after that, I think?

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