Ngorongoro Farm House Valley Lodge

Discover Ngorongoro Highlands

Today we’ll have the opportunity to explore the surrounding village of Karatu and the Ngorongoro Highlands for a day of Learning and Discovery with our Trip Leader. We gather for a Farewell Dinner this evening. Day 12 will include A Day
in the Life experience at an Iraqw village and local school.

My Reality

The setting is peaceful, the greenery lush, and the wifi is free. Did I also mention that the food is excellent along with being way too available. After excellent food, but not much appetite in the Kilimanjaro Highlands I have the feeling that those pounds that vanished are bent on returning. The cuisine is a mix of local African dishes and western style offerings. So there is porridge in the morning, but it is oatmeal here rather than maize. There are eggs to order and meats. But there are wonderful fresh fruits and vegetables.

Today the majority of the group went off on cultural activities. Visiting a family, a market, dropping off food at an orphanage. Perhaps stopped by a school – I wasn’t too clear since it is so not my thing. (all of which is a long discussion related to too much seen in too many countries and not needing to go there anymore).

Instead – I posted the pictures from the last five days, took a few of the lodge.

Found that the Wifi worked well enough to download books from amazon but not to update Apps.

Other wise, checked out the gift shops, bought napkins.

Tomorrow five of us head to Zanzibar and the other ten back to the US so it is farewell dinner time….

Oh – there was a Maribo Stork refusing to leave the vegetable garden

looking for a free lunch

looking for a free lunch

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