Newport Rhode Island

Newport is a harbor town. Next to the sea, of course it is wet. Raining as a matter of fact. The ship is at anchor out closer to the ocean and we came to shore in tenderncraft, aka life boats.

Stopping to have a chai, the Mole and I are tking the opportunity to check email and let you know that we are still well and doing fine. As it turns out, I like to chekc email and he needs to look at Facebook. Different priorities for different ages.

One scarf and a sock completed, second scarf and a acowl have been started.

Off to do th historic walk around town while shooting more pictures.

I am not sure that anything today will compare to pulling away from the New York skyline and the hole still left by the Twin Towers.

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  1. Cat says:

    Okay, don’t get your yarn tangled in the rope ladder leading to the life boat! 🙂

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