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In 2010 when Noah and I went North along the Eastern Seaboard on the Costa Atlantica, the last landfall we made prior to Dover was in Sydney, Nova Scotia. There were a number of merchants set up with stands in the big open area of the cruise terminal (which I think also doubled as a shipping warehouse). One of them reminded me strongly of the Filk pushers at your average SciFi convention. Stacks and Racks of CDs with interesting names and even weirder covers featuring music and artists a bit out of the ordinary.

Music in Nova Scotia, traditional music that is, still holds tight to its Scottish roots. Fiddles are present but so are pipes. Of the six CDs I found, all but one were anthologies in order to be able to sample a variety of artits.

Newfoundland harkens back to Irish roots in the old world. High on the fiddle with a smidgen of French influence from the trappers transversing the area.

in recognition of the arts

in recognition of the arts

I found two music peddlers – the first was Fred’s Records almost right across the street from the Fixed Cup where I first found wifi and coffee.

After my wander around town including out and back with the yarn store I mentioned yesterday – I found and O’Brien’s Music two doors down from Rocket Food and Bakery where I had a lovely bowl of curried cauliflower while writing this note.

So I now have a collection of CDs, primarily instrumental recommended in one of the two places which I can’t play till I get home!
The Empress – Dwayne Cote and Duane Andrews – mostly fiddle
Weaving the Wind – Ed Kavanagh – celtic harp
Sea of no Cares – Great Big Sea – mostly traditional and modern updates
Gavin Simms and the Garrison Hill Band (seems to be sea related material)

then also Fiddles and Reels – Newfoundland’s Anthology
Rufus Guinchard – Fathers of the Newfoundland Fiddle Vol 1
Vive La Rose – Emile Benoit – more fiddle.

I am back to the ship, so expect to hear from me live about the third in Reykjavik.

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