Never After

Running without enough caffeine, I drove to my favorite LYS. But Anette is now on winter hours. Closed on Sat, teaches me that I should have sent her email or called prior to making the drive.

I should take it as a positive; it gave me plenty of time to pack up five boxes to go out in the mail today. And drop the DH off at the train station, since he is headed to San Francisco. I would like to be going along. I did last year, but with the move this year it was just not in the cards.

Other than that – the teen guy and I ran errands, we had spaghetti for dinner. The kids and I watched Happily Never After. Looking around, looks like they headed downstairs with the dishes still undone.

Off to chase teenagers before heading back to my knitting

Viking Ship Sweater

Looking for more websites, you can find some good information on Viking ships here.

The first two balls of white went 20 cm plus the hem. And I am this far on the sweater – from the front, and back. And here on the graph.


Audio Book

Cry no More – Linda Howard.


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