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Needles & Spins — 7 Comments

  1. I tripped over here from STR, liked the changes you had made to your sock (I’m gathering everyone’s good input to save time when I do mine). Glanced around your website and just have to say…Holly, you are amazing! A juxtaposition of so many interests and capabilities. Wow! Inspiring.

  2. BTW, spent as much time in Heidelberg as possible way back when I was in school in Germany. Loved it. Still remember a summer concert in a ruined castle with a peacock posing high on a wall against the sunset. Pinch me, was it real? Yes.

  3. Let me be the first to say “great job on the socks!” You must be a more advanced knitter to make the changes to the pattern that you did. I did the trick with the needle changes (which is a new techique to me that I am now incorporating into all my socks!).

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