NCL Sun – Day 17 – NYC

Or – New York City – coming and going. 

But that only means that I saw Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Manhattan from where we were sailing. Just saying.  We sere scheduled to dock at 0700. From past trips in through the harbor I remember how slowly the ship travels given the city’s proximity and the density of local water traffic. I missed the annoucement about heading up the river before 0400 but wasn’t surprised at the number of people in the Deck 12 forward lounge anyway. Mostly crew but a lot of passengers as well. I found myself playing tour guide a couple of times,

First, of course, you sail to and under the Staten Island Bridge

The traffic at this time of the morning is mostly trucks heading onto Staten Island and cars heading off.

Then you sail past the Statue of Liberty and a small bit of New Jersey on the port side. Here is where a good camera would have helped.

It is quite bright, actually appears green and is clear to the eye but not to my phone at this distance. 

Then there are all the tall buildings using up more electrical power than many developing nations use in a month. 

We docked at Pier 88, right next to the Intrepid.  The buffet was a mad house and so packed that I quickly gave up on eating anywhere but my cabin. There are a significant number of passengers disembarking today and everyone was in a hurry.

When we had clearance, I headed off the ship and passed through Immigration with the usual amount of standing in line and complete boredom at how many people don’t pull out their documents until they actually arrive at the agent’s station.

It was time for coffee! I found a coffee shop, bought a latte and spent about an hour or so with real internet. After walking around Times’s Square just to say that I went there, I headed to the Garment District.

home to just about anything you would want. Except for hand stitching fabrics. But I found DMC floss in one location. The price was obviously higher than JoAnns/Michaels but no complaints here, After going up and down the streets for a couple of hours and looking at all the wonders of fabric, notions, buttons, zippers, trims…..I headed over to B&H and pursued the goods.

The walk back, although not all that far, pulled complaints from my knees and hips. I don’t  normally hike for that kind of time/distance on hard pavements. 

Miriam says this bit of walkable art is referred to as the Schwarma,,,, And for those of you who read futurist novels – there are car stackers in NYC city parking lots now.

which I have seen full of cars in other lots. 

After heading up to the lounge again, I enjoyed a bit of peace and quiet till it became packed with people till the sail out. 

We had the Lady again – and more skyline.

and for any current/former New Yorkers –

There is the Brooklyn Bridge.

and we are obviously headed south. Two seas days – and Miami – and a flight or so home.

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  1. Ron says:

    I recall the last time you sailed into New York early in the morning was on one of those awful modern ships that restrict forward viewing to the privileged few staying in forward facing suites.

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