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  1. And then there are the 26 tunnels b/t the Rhine/Neckar region and Livorno.

    Betty say this is literally a trip “through Switzerland.”

  2. I fully agree with her. It also makes a great case for audio books since the surrounding light is changing on a rapidly enough basis that passengers can go completely nuts!

  3. Chain Bridge, the–yes, I remember named bridges close to/in DC, but all
    of them were major ones, and all the older ones were commuter choke
    points so they needed names anyway for the radio guys to reference.

    And now I’m going to have to go ask my old friend Karen, okay, what was
    that VA-MD one over the Potomac near the Bethesda Naval Yard (ie close
    to home). There is no good reason for me to pull a blank on that!

    (Are there mountains at all in Minnesota? Really?)

  4. I had forgotten about Chain Bridge.

    As far as mountains in Minnesota – nothing like Utah or Colorado, but a few good size hills up on the Iron Range (another literal name there). More cliffs along rivers than real mountains.

  5. Of course, having something on an Air Force base named for you is usually not a good thing. Unless you were one of the pioneers of flight/airpower, it usually means you died young and tragically.

  6. Sounds Very much like our storm of last Friday afternoon-into-Saturday early morning. We had 5.50 inches in my rain gauge out back and have no idea as to the accuracy, as that is the maximum capacity! No watering for a couple of days, at least.

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