My Hero

Remember my back garden? That wild meadow where Herr Fuchs had such good hunting?

like an open farmer's field

Not that I did not have enough entertainment as it is, but I had my pre-move out inspection yesterday afternoon. They are insane. I have no quarrel with wanting a clean house, nor a tidy bit of ground. But scraping off all the moss? Getting rid of all the leaves? And getting the grass down to normal level?

Now, I am one of those weird foreign officers who believed them when they said that a mower would be provided. When it is in for service, like for the last 10 weeks, I do have a slight problem.

No way can I mow with a hand push mower.

Meet Husquey, my hero.

small but mighty

(must be my age showing. Cars and boats may be “she” but this little tractor mower can only be a guy. Strong, loud and needs frequent infusions of beverage.)

He took it on. Once the driver figured out that you get more success when the blade is engaged.

the position on that lever to the left of the key makes all the difference in the world

circles in the grass... not aliens

90 minutes and under two gallons of gas. And! I don’t have to pay someone else to do the job.

major difference.

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  1. Cat says:

    No more home for Herr Fuchs?

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