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miles or km for prescription refills. It really doesn’t make any difference which it is really since it means time, distance and diesel burned round trip.  If mail order pharmacy was a reality I might just indulge, but Germany is not exactly friendly on drug imports and I would have to get an APO box again. Instead, I get to drive to LRMC. I could take the train – minimum of 90 minutes each way followed by 20-30 minutes up hill from the train station.

That is right – put the hospital on top of the highest mountain in the area just to make sure that it is totally and completely off the beaten track. Add in paranoia on the part of the military which resulted in what used to be the front gate being redesigned into heavy metal most closely resembling a river lock followed by closing it to vehicular traffic. Why? I can speculate but it does keep incoming traffic away from the ER. Never mind patient transfer time from the Ramstein Flight Line has significantly increased…..  There is a pedestrian gate which I know to be open at shift change and is usually but not always open at other random times.

I thought about the train for about five minutes. That is about how long it took me to decide that half a day spent collecting refills was enough. If the pedestrian gate is not open then it is back down the hill, 5 km around the mountain and back up to the nearest gate which is as far away from the pharmacy as you can get and still be on post.  I drove the 115 km according to Google maps from my house to find that Gate 3 was closed. Gate 4 was now the entrance and Gate 2 the exit. None of this makes any difference to you unless you know the place.

The nice tech at the pharmacy pulled my refills and filled my new script on one counter trip which I really appreciated. Yes, I understand my refills – coming up on 20 years now. Yes, I am fine with Doxycycline – no I don’t need Primaquin, this will do me just fine.  Since I hadn’t had quite enough pain for the day I stopped at the immunization clinic. One needle (Zostavax) in the left arm, updated shot record and I was on the road to home.



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