More patients

Today was almost a repeat of yesterday. I managed as well to get a number of items taken care of at CHPPMEUR over lunch. All my patients actually showed up on time (except for the last who canceled).

Leaving LRMC at a really reasonable time, I got home to a planned evening of just doggie and me. The phone didn’t ring and I peacefully ate my supper at the kitchen table.

Disturbed by a loud, nasty buzz from the house gate I groaned and went to answer. Turned out to be wonderful – Annette had tried to reach me unsuccessfully by phone; then took a chance on just stopping by to pick up my two Kauni sweaters. She has a show the end of Feb in Wuerzburg and wanted examples to hang in her booth. (my sweaters?). I also expressed appropriate appreciation for the three new bobbins her husband had crafted for my wheel.


More progress on the marine slip stitch socks this evening; nice to see the second sock under way.


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